22nd Century Learner

Future of education
We are social creatures and students, in particular, need socialization to become the adults that run the country in the future that we need. How many interactions do you generate/integrate into your everyday lessons? One can describe teachers as engineers of the mind, social engineers. How should this be done, what should it look like? Teachers have this responsibility but, not in the role that you may imagine. Visualise yourself in front of your class, chances are you see your best class. Did you pick your best class by accident? I think not. You make connections with it and you would do lots for this class and the students in it and they know it.
How do we socialize students? Not as a sociologist would (few if any teachers have the training to be effective in this role). We do it by utilizing the pedagogy that we all posses, the things we do every day! We do this by utilizing a persons system 1 and system 2. System 1 takes advantage of immediate responses to environmental conditions, it’s crude but quick. Media and commercialization control this as an art form. We as teachers need to tap into this, not because it is good but because this is what students bring with them. This is the game changer, two for one, half price for a limited time. If we don’t then education will be seen as irrelevant (visualise the class that causes you the most problem). Then we instruct them in deep thinking with system 2.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is not complete. Fear, anger, hate compete with all the rest to take education away from students. System 1 is activated by these, which in turn stops system 2 from working. Whatever the reason that fear, anger, hate was generated they will continue to be just consumers not thinkers? This is how we are the social engineers. We cannot afford to let these emotions into our class. There is a crisis looming and we need a paradime shift in our methods. Always smile (it’s free and it is extra).

Education is in desperate need of a paradime shift in thinking. We must utilize the same processes that both the media and commerilsation use. We must limit fear, anger, hate as this limits thinking. Using techniques and methodology that we are practicing everyday we can achieve this. How, by using a persons system 1 thinking and access to their system 2 pathways.


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